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A Culture of Crybabies:  The 21st Century World of Wimps, Whiners, and Victims was created to promote the message that America, like many other modern societies, has become a Culture of Crybabies.  As individuals and a society, we have come to expect and demand a world of perfection for all, one with no inconveniences or accidents, and total protection from government throughout our lives.

This attitude is enabled and perpetuated by a sensation-seeking news media, career politicians, our cannibalistic civil court system, and the whining dependence of the Crybaby public.  As a result, we have evolved into a society of wimps, whiners, and victims that functions on the low end of civilization’s scale of possibilities.

The book, A Culture of Crybabies, takes a hard look in the mirror and reveals the façade and hypocrisy of modern American culture. It takes you on a tour of Crybaby Culture, from where it started some fifty years ago to the present day, chronicling the sources, attitudes, and behaviors that have taken us from the Greatest Generation of World War II to the Crybaby Generation of today.

The author of A Culture of Crybabies, Matthew Hardy, grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast, served in the U.S. Coast Guard, and had careers in astronomy and aviation. The Coast Guard introduced him to island life in the Pacific, where he has lived and traveled ever since. A Culture of Crybabies is his latest attempt to avoid a real job.


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