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A Culture of Crybabies:  The 21st Century World of Wimps, Whiners, and Victims

has become a
Culture of Crybabies

The once-thriving bastion of freedom and courage has evolved into a fearful and dependent culture of wimps, whiners, and victims. Character, responsibility, and achievement have morphed into Political Correctness, excused laziness, and a sense of entitlement. Individual and national courage have been successfully terrorized by 9/11 through the fear and overreaction perpetuated by the media and our own government. Common sense and effective action are often overshadowed by religious faith and hope. And on the political front, career politicians and their parties pander and promise pork and protection if we will, once again, reelect them to another term of fraud and folly.

And we accept it all as the best we can do at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

A Culture of Crybabies takes a hard look in the mirror and reveals the fašade and hypocrisy of modern American culture. It takes you on a tour of Crybaby Culture, from where it started some fifty years ago to the present day, chronicling the sources, attitudes, and behaviors that have taken us from the Greatest Generation of World War II to the Crybaby Generation of today.

A Culture of Crybabies explores our everything-challenged world with honest insight, irreverence to obsolete traditions, and a take-no-prisoners attitude toward those who manipulate our society for their own agenda. However, unlike so many partisan doom-and-gloom books on social topics, Crybabies wades through our cultural swamp with humor, sarcasm, and fun, along with ways you can throw a wrench into the system and change our society and civilization for the better.

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